First Post

15 08 2008

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!  As this is my first blog post, I will start with a little about myself.  As you probably figured out by now, I am a photographer.  Well, a budding photographer.  I sadly only discovered how much of a passion I have for photography a few years ago.

I currently live just outside of Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.  I also got married myself, about three weeks ago.  It was a fantastic day and I have also since discovered just how much fun weddings can be.  I learnt a lot from our wedding photographer, as well as studying and photographing weddings myself.  It is a great honour to be asked to capture the memories of one of a couples’ most important days in their lives.

I also have a great passion for music/band photography.  I am a musician myself, so I find band photography to be so much fun and I can fulfill two passions and loves of mine in one!  Photography enables you to meet so many new and interesting people.  Everyone has a story to tell and deserves to be heard.  I try to express that story through my photographs, whatever the story may be. 

I am currently in the process of starting a business (name to be advised at a later date), so at some stage, I will be moving this blog elsewhere.  There will be plenty of warning, so don’t worry, I wont leave you hanging!

I guess, in a brief nutshell, that’s pretty much me!  I’m sure you’ll get little snippets of my personality and style as the days and months go by!  I hope you like what you see, and thank you for stopping by!

Till next time!